What are the best free dating apps for adults?

Find love on the internet? Everyone has more or less already tried by registering on a dating site. But since it’s not just about finding the love that interests people, it’s now possible to do a lot of online dating.

There are cougars dating sites for example, where mature women look for handsome young men, or Christian dating sites for those who value moral values ​​and want to start a Christian family. What many prefer is a naughty dating site, to satisfy unspoken fantasies. But what is the best free dating app?

3nder (Feeld)

This is without question the application of favorite meeting of all, because it is very easy to use. 3nder has a few million subscribers at the moment. If you want to maximize your chances of finding love, download the app now. However, be aware that to like more than 100 profiles, you will have to pay a monthly subscription.


This is the free dating app par excellence! The principle is the same as that of Tinder. With a system of geolocation, it offers you to meet people in the area based on the criteria you have defined. If two users like each other’s profiles, they get a match, which allows them to start a conversation. Visit this site.

Adopte Un Mec

No need to make a presentation of this app, because everyone knows it already. It’s a 100% free site for women, but for men it’s something else. Men are considered products for sale on this site, to the delight of these ladies. To download absolutely!


The members of this platform are looking for only one thing: sex! It was called “Bang with friends” before and consisted of asking a person from his list of Facebook friends if she was going for a one-night shot. An opportunity to try your luck with your crush!


The principle of this free dating app is quite innovative. Indeed, it allows you to meet only the friends of your friends, so as not to fall on strangers and easily engage in conversation with the person. This is a US dating app much appreciated by members but we will have to wait for it to develop in France. See here.


Among the favorite sites of the French, Icebreaker is an application that the most shy will surely appreciate. It helps you approach a person more easily by defining or answering three questions. This will then allow you to continue the discussion normally without too much stress.


This free dating app is fairly new. It allows you to meet people nearby and around the world. This is an opportunity for those who want to start a relationship with a stranger or just to make friends outside of France.

In short, the meeting on the internet has seen a real revolution. Nowadays, everyone can try their luck and install the free dating app that suits them. Singles, you have a wide choice and if after all you can not find love … download another application!