Our TOP 3 Hookup sites for online dating

Here is our TOP 3 adult dating sites online:


DoubleList, the leader of adult personals

DoubleList, formerly known as CraigsList replacement, is the leader in the adult encounters. The site, which was born in the late 90s, has gradually evolved to establish itself as the platform with the largest number of exchange members, who want to meet to have sex, or realize their fantasies. The site has 2.2M unique visitors per month, with an estimated 560,000 paying members, making it the largest community. So, if you live in less populated areas, in small towns or in the countryside, it is on DoubleList where you will most likely find profiles close to home. Its male-to-female ratio is balanced relative to the category average, and its average age is relatively young, with many profiles less than 35 years old. DoublList.net is the big winner of our comparison.


Lovoo, second in the category

Second in the ranking, Lovoo is also a dating site between adults. Launched more recently than the leader DoubleList, Lovoo has benefited from the extraordinary notoriety of its parent company. With this success, the company has diversified by offering a dating platform, in order to establish sexual relations, as on the videos that we see on our screen. To date, success is important, since LovooDatingSite.com has 1.9M visitors per month, with an estimated 190,000 paying members, which in our opinion is a quality platform. Know that you can meet couples, not just single people. A good alternative to DoubleList.

Europnet, third of our comparative

The third place in our ranking of adult dating sites is Europnet (Chatcoco.org/europnet-chat/). Although smaller than the sites mentioned above, it is one of the sex sites that offers the most balanced ratio of women to men. That is to say 43%, when some go down to 19%. This site is mainly via the webcam, the gentlemen will have the probability to meet women, since they are here many in proportion. There are not many people registered, only 47,000 per month, more than ten times less than the leader mentioned above, but its positioning in video chat has attracted aficionados.

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