Lovoo the Fastest Growing Dating App Alternative to Tinder

lovoo live radar

LOVOO is currently one of the fastest growing dating apps in Switzerland. The LOVOO Live radar scans the surrounding area for suitable members in the vicinity and thus helps to local flirting. It’s not always easy to score in the LOVOO chat. The competition is big.


Lovoo Features

Many features of Lovoo are free unlike Tinder paid features. You can use the Live radar and the environment search, play the “match” and write messages to your matches. An Icebreaker is available free of charge every day to contact a person without a match.

Who additional functions, such. Profile visitors, more Icebreaker, ad blocker or ghost mode, want to activate, must pay. There is a choice between a premium membership or credits.

Cost of credits:

Some functions, such as Profile visitors, can be paid individually with credits. For those users who do not want to be a permanent member, it is a good alternative.

  • The cheapest credit package includes 300 credits and costs € 3.59.
  • Larger credit packages are more advantageous for the unit price.

Conclusion: Despite fakes a recommendation for under-30s

As with most other dating apps, we’ve found fake and cardiac people on Lovoo (https://lovooapp.com/). With simple tricks, the fakes can be recognized quickly and then the fun of flirting can begin. Since Lovoo women are outnumbered, men have to make more effort. Very important is a good profile photo, which attracts immediate attention. Plus, with creative and fun news, you’ll have more opportunities than a brief welcome.

All in all, we can speak of good experiences with Lovoo, especially because the costs are very manageable. The app as well as the website of Lovoo are user friendly and easy to use. Lovoo has everything a young heart desires. Therefore, we can recommend the app to all young singles and non-singles.

Lovoo drawbacks

lovoos model is as follows, women are allowed to get everything for free, men have to pay for most. When a person goes on their profile, they see as a man only a blurry image that costs revealing, the same if a person “likes” them, so finds it good. unfortunately it is VERY VERY often that these people do not exist after uncovering, sometimes one hour later, sometimes the next day. This happens with “new” members, as well as with those who have been “verified” by lovoo, and are therefore considered to be real people. If you complain, nothing happens. I hope that finally something is done against this rip-off, since such business models based on the loneliness of men, but give them nothing for their money. it is hypocritical interest to stay tuned, but in the end it is a mass grave of hope.