Doublelist Review: Is it a legitimate adult personals site?


In the category of adult personals sites that have finished building a good reputation, there is obviously doublelist, which ranks 3rd in our test of the best dating sites. You will find interesting profiles of people who, like you, are looking for occasional sex. Since these people know exactly why they are there, as the majority of these profiles are those of consenting adults, you will quickly understand that your chances of kissing are increasing on this site. We have tested it for you and in the lines that follow, we will provide you with all the elements that allow you, NOW, to make a Sex Meeting on doublelist and to choose the next slut that you will train in your bed .

Main characteristics of the site

To help your registrants meet and kiss quickly, all good adult personals sites like doublelist offer a set of features that have been proven. On this adult personals site, you will first find the terribly “effective” search function. It allows you to select your search criteria and find all the girls on the site that match your request. Among the search criteria, you have age, city of residence, physical attributes, status, spoken languages, preferred forms of sexual activity. This last feature is particularly appreciated because it really allows to target his partners fucking. On a site where the number of registrants is in the thousands, the search function is a guarantee of success, but also saves time.

In our opinion on doublelist , once the contact is established, another nice feature on the site is the chat via webcam. This is an additional guarantee that the girl you want to fuck is exactly the way you want it. The webcam eliminates all the unwanted and be sure to offer appointments only to those who will do your business. In addition, to suggest and sexually conditioning your future partner, the use of the webcam can be decisive. In face-to-face chat, you have a better chance of attracting girls, making them addicted to your speech by helping you with your physique.

The results of our tests

As a reminder, during this test review on doublelist, we decided to rank the sites according to the following parameters: Sent messages, Answers received, Scheduled appointments, Dating, Sex shots (clearly, the girls that our testers were able to please click through the site).

The results that allowed the ranking of doublelist are as follows:

Sent messages = 73
Answers received = 48
Scheduled appointments = 23
Dating = 17
Sex shots = 9

We therefore note that the percentage of responses received is good at 65.75%. But the most interesting is that compared to the number of scheduled appointments (23) with girls, 9 of them ended up in our bed during the test. It’s a bit of a girl out of 3, and this success rate justifies the third place ranking of doublelist. In conclusion, we can pretty easily fuck girls on this site: there is no scam on doublelist.

How to win every time

If we get to kiss easily on this site, there are however a number of things that must be done to get there without any worries. The risks of scams on doublelist are tiny. First of all, as in all dating sites, your profile is your first asset. Fortunately, the site offers you the opportunity to provide a comprehensive and very detailed profile: take the time to learn everything, using the tips found in the guide we provide you.

Then, you have to organize your presence on the site. A connection once a week will not offer you a lot of sluts to fuck. Try to log in every night, the benefits will be doubled. First, you will be present at rush hour, when the girls are present: you can have them for a live chat. In addition, your intentions will be clear: you’re here to fuck the max girls. By following all the advice we have provided, you will offer you hot moments in the days and weeks to come.