Dating apps: which one to choose to find love?

It’s decided, you register on a dating site. Yes but which one? Tinder, Happn or Adopt a Dude? Here is a selection of the best apps and sites based on your temperament and your expectations.

If You are a Don Juan: Tinder

“Supermarket” is the word that comes back on everyone’s lips when it comes to describe this application landed in France in 2012. The latter beats records of popularity, bringing together millions of users around the world. Not surprisingly, such an abundance of potential relationships tends to favor ephemeral stories. Difficult to establish a real relationship with people used to change partners every week, or not to get tired of appointments that multiply to infinity. To counter the sometimes cynical nature of the Tinder site (, Pierre, 44, scripted his meeting with Hélène, elected from a small town: “Every month, she goes around her city with her citizens to present them the novelties: a new lamppost, new garbage cans … So we agreed to meet on this occasion, she told me about the new bins for two hours, and we never left each other! “

If You are romantic: Meetic

We no longer present the mastodon dating sites – and one of the only ones that presents a significant choice in small towns. The site is aimed more at the thirties than at the representatives of the generation Y, and one will find there more easily people in search of a serious relationship than in search of ephemeral meetings. Moreover, we do not count the number of married couples who have become acquainted with it.

For Valentine’s Day, the site thinks of Parisian singles by investing an ephemeral space reserved for them for the night of February 14: # LE14, in the heart of the Marais. The opportunity to meet people full of love, glory and beauty.

If You are addicted to shopping: Adopte Un Mec


With clearly the target women-they are queens and choose their “man-object to cuddle” – Adopte Un Mec has been thought of as a fun, uninhibited and second-degree site. References to consumerism pour into this market of the meeting: the page opens on the “promo of the day”, the logo represents a woman pushing a shopping cart, the “product of the week” is a handsome young man who is looking for love for one night (“one shot”), a few weeks (“CDD friendship-hug”), or unlimited time (“CDI”).

Alice, bubbly twenttenaire Toulouse, met there six years ago who has since become his fiancé. After many unsuccessful encounters with men “more or less decerebrated” according to him, the Angevin Clara finally met a charming young man who has shared his life for three months.

If You are a bit shy: Once


Once is a slow-dating app-a concept that comes from Korea. Unlike Tinder, Happn and other supermarkets claiming the meeting, Once offers users only one profile per day. The goal: to mark its opposition to the ambient consumerism and to favor more real encounters.

A feeling shared by Charlotte, a young consultant in communication. “I think this system is better, it’s less distribution, we take more time to consult the only profile that we submit in the day, to engage in a discussion that goes beyond the simple ‘salute, its going ‘[sic].’

And if the proposed profile is that of a sinister goujat? Marie, 22 years old, made the expenses of a meeting of the third type, meeting a dental technician who told him about quenottes for an hour before telling him that she had a superb jaw, and that he would like “mold it”. In any case, nothing prevents, in case of obvious incompatibility with the proposed profile, to make a turn on other applications until the next day.


If You Met Someone You Didn’t Know: Happn

Less frequented than the giant Tinder and presented as more blue flower, Happn connects people who meet each other on a daily basis thanks to a specialized system of geolocation. “The professional occupation of the person is highlighted on this app,” said Clarisse, a student at Sciences Po. In addition to meeting people who may live in our neighborhood, thanks to the wonders of geolocation, we will more easily turn to the one who has a work in accordance with our environment. ”

This application, which turns the wheel of social reproduction, allows to meet people who look like us. If you do not assume being on a dating site, you should refrain from downloading this application, which will soon put you in touch with a colleague of office … Or worse, with a member from your family: “I found my brother on Happn!”, amuses Anna, who still lives with her parents. On the other hand, it is always possible to select people from more varied backgrounds.

If You like to share: Threender

As its name does not indicate, Threender is dedicated to hedonists who practice love to three, four, and more if affinities. The interface, very simple, reminiscent of that of his older brother Tinder, but the profiles that scroll there are those couples wanting to live a multi-user experience.

“We used Threender once, to see, to laugh,” says Emma, ​​a couple for a year. “We spent an evening of great sensual richness with another very nice couple, but I’m not ready to do it again.” Seeing his partner in action with another woman within a meter of himself is destructive, even if we do not realize it at the moment.This raises fundamental questions about loyalty, exclusivity, commitment, which keep coming back several months later. our couple will survive this experience for a long time. ” An application to book the seasoned libertines, so.

If You are a capitalist: Fundi


The latest in dating applications and still relatively confidential, Fundi stands out with its original auction system: after a first selection of the contenders using traditional criteria (age, location, sex), it is possible to speak to the person of your choice for 24 hours … Subject to bidding. Indeed, it is possible to discuss with the potential of his heart that if we paid the largest sum.

A system that struggles to convince Anne-Lise, 25: “The dating sites all contain a part of consumerism and cynicism, but Fundi seems the saddest of all: by awarding a prize to people, we say” you are so many, no more, no less. “Now, who are the people who only see us as a photo and a nickname to judge us, monetize us, auction us?”

If You are bilingual: OkCupid

By questions sometimes more inquisitive than a henchman of the Stasi (“Could you live with someone who does not wash every day?”; “Do you want to become the master of humanity?”), L OkCupid’s English-language algorithm connects singles around the world based on their “compatibility rate”.

The site, frequented by an urban public and very qualified, puts together the most compatible profiles thanks to its algorithm. The reverse of the medal, as for Happn: it is not uncommon to fall on people we already know. This is how Eva, registered the day after a painful break, was offered the profile of … his ex. “In the end, it showed that we had a lot of things in common, so we spoke on the site, we organized a date where we did as if we had just met.Six months later, we are always together, “laughs the thirty-something.