What are the best free dating apps for adults?

Find love on the internet? Everyone has more or less already tried by registering on a dating site. But since it’s not just about finding the love that interests people, it’s now possible to do a lot of online dating.

There are cougars dating sites for example, where mature women look for handsome young men, or Christian dating sites for those who value moral values ​​and want to start a Christian family. What many prefer is a naughty dating site, to satisfy unspoken fantasies. But what is the best free dating app?

3nder (Feeld)

This is without question the application of favorite meeting of all, because it is very easy to use. 3nder has a few million subscribers at the moment. If you want to maximize your chances of finding love, download the app now. However, be aware that to like more than 100 profiles, you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Read More

Is It Possible to Find Love Online

Find the soul mate, your half, crazy love. The dating sites promise you mountains and wonders … and it is true that the couples created on the Web have multiplied in recent years. So must we be tempted? Finding great love through the Internet, what should you think?

The specialized sites have something to attract the young public. In addition to the prospect of meeting, their playful spirit attracts the curious, eager for novelties. “A friend wanted to register on the NRJ Rencontre site but she had to sponsor someone, I agreed to see,” says Joanna, who found herself registered. Read More

Dating apps: which one to choose to find love?

It’s decided, you register on a dating site. Yes but which one? Tinder, Happn or Adopt a Dude? Here is a selection of the best apps and sites based on your temperament and your expectations.

If You are a Don Juan: Tinder

“Supermarket” is the word that comes back on everyone’s lips when it comes to describe this application landed in France in 2012. The latter beats records of popularity, bringing together millions of users around the world. Not surprisingly, such an abundance of potential relationships tends to favor ephemeral stories. Difficult to establish a real relationship with people used to change partners every week, or not to get tired of appointments that multiply to infinity. To counter the sometimes cynical nature of the Tinder meetings, Pierre, 44, scripted his meeting with Hélène, elected from a small town: “Every month, she goes around her city with her citizens to present them the novelties: a new lamppost, new garbage cans … So we agreed to meet on this occasion, she told me about the new bins for two hours, and we never left each other! “ Read More

How to build a quality website?

Nowadays digital is becoming more and more important, and that is why it is important to prepare well. We are talking about a lot of applications, mobile or web, of all the innovations related to these new technologies, but we forget the websites. Certainly, an application will bring you a lot of visibility if it is well optimized. But what about websites? Some think to maximize their application, but forget their website. After all, your website is usually the first thing that people will look at. This will in a way be the showcase of your business. Because of this, if your visitors struggle to move to the site or if they do not find the information they are looking for this will give a bad image of your company.

Creating a website is less complicated and also cheaper than creating an application, but it is no less important for the company. If you want to know what are the important points to be addressed when creating a website, this article is for you. Read More

The steps to launch a mobile application

Launching an app is not easy, and there’s a lot to think about for app development, design, or publishing. Unlike apps already present on the store that just need to be updated, new apps need to be analyzed in great detail. To help you do not forget anything on the way, we have prepared this “Checklist to launch an application”.

For this, we used as reference the one carried out by Branch.io, an expert in the field of mobile industry.

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